How is this going to be a teambuilding over the internet?

Well, it's hard but we all have to try. This is 2020 situation we have adapt to. We guarantee food is good, cooking is fun, recipes work - and it is very much time for colleagues to do something fun together.

What cities do you deliver?

Budapest and 50 km range surroundings, you can expect the food packages from 1pm to 4pm on the day of the cooking.

What size kitchen is needed?

It doesn't have to be big a very average household minimally equipped will do nicely. Should something needed (like alu tray), we will put in the box too.

Do I need a pre-paid Zoom account?

No you dont. We as hosts have got it.

Zoom is not allowed in the company? Can you do with Teams as well?

Yes we can handle (we have subscription for) both Zoom and Teams.