Can we pick the location?

Yes, you can indicate your preference and we try our best to make it. Yet some limitations may apply such as number of stations, number of ovens and availability.

How can we choose the menu?

You can choose your favourite menu from the "What's cooking" catalogue. We are also open for other ideas and requests.

Can we combine different national dishes?

Yes you can, but it's better to hang on to one cuisine or similar cuisines to have a harmony.

How many dishes sould I choose?

It depends on the number of pax. 4 dishes / group (up to 24 persons); 5 dishes / group (25-40 persons); 6 dishes / group (from 41 persons)

We have some food tolerance and allergy issues in the group, can we do something about it?

There are many vegan, lactose-free and gluten-free items all over the menu in each cuisine. (Our best advise is to go for Asian food with little or no dairy or gluten part.)

Are all the experiences available in English?


Is our cooking completely in house?

Yes, we you cook the studio is solely yours.

How can I pay?

Bank transfer or cash is okay for us.

What are the parking options?

Parking is possible in the streets around the studios, yet you have to pay a fee until 6 pm and 8 pm. On Weekends the parking is free of charge.

I like your ideas! My team would like to cook with you! What's the next step?

1. Please ask for a proposal via this website. 2. If you like our proposal let us know in a short e-mail. 3. We can fix all the other details (menu or drinks) later on.

What is your cancellaion policy?

Cancellation or change in pax is possible 10 workdays before the event date at the latest.


We try to do our best to save your team and our collegaues health as well during pandemia. On request, our staff will wearing mask and gloves and these equipments are also available for everyone during your event. We provide hand sanitizer and use extremely effective sanitizer for every surfaces in our studios. If you feel yourself more comfortable with that, we can serv your dinner for you insted of our usual buffet style.