Can we pick the location?

Yes, you can indicate your preference and we try our best to make it. Yet some limitations may apply such as number of stations, number of ovens and availability.

We have colleagues from different countries. In what languages are the programme available?

The programme is available in Hungarian and in English. Also please indicate in advance wheather you want the teambuilidng in Hungarioan or in English to be able to prepare with English language recipes and English (as well) speaking chef-animators.

How can I pay?

We typically prepare an 8-day bank transfer invoice afterwards, but with a bank card or cash you can pay at all our locations. We have to agree on the payment method in advance. ​

What are the parking options?

Parking is possible in the streets around the studios, yet you have to pay a fee until 6 pm and 8 pm. On Weekends the parking is free of charge.

I like your ideas! My team would like to cook with you! What's the next step?

1. Please ask for a proposal via this website. 2. If you like our proposal and decided to come, let us know by e-mail. 3. We send you the link for fixing the order and all other details. (Certainly we can help you if you have any question.)

How many dishes sould I choose?

It depends on the number of pax. 4 dishes / group (up to 24 persons); 5 dishes / group (25-40 persons); 6 dishes / group (from 41 persons).It is also possible to choose an extra course for an additional fee, depending on our locations.