How is the Charity CookingTeambuilding Workshop different from the Teambuilding Cooking?

It is the same in the way teams cook together, and our chefs help. It is different because portions are much larger so we can have lots of food for take away to charity.

What dishes can we select for Charity?

You can do 4 dishes, 2 classic Hungarian for the delivery and 2 extra dishes (of your choice) for you to dine.

Can we pick the location?

Yes, you can indicate your preference and we try our best to make it. Yet some limitations may apply such as number of stations, number of ovens and availability.

Are all the experiences available in English?


Where do we cater charity food?

Our friends at Budapest Bike Maffia will help us distibuting the food to charity organisations. If you have a preferred group in need, it's all right.

How can I pay?

Bank transfer or cash is okay for us.

What are the parking options?

Parking is possible in the streets around the studios, yet you have to pay a fee until 6 pm and 8 pm. On Weekends the parking is free of charge.

I like your ideas! My team would like to cook with you! What's the next step?

1. Please ask for a proposal via this website. 2. If you like our proposal let us know in a short e-mail. 3. We can fix all the other details (menu or drinks) later on.